Black Rice Is Having A Huge Moment In Skincare–And Here’s Why!
Jan 4, 2023

When it comes to natural and effective formulations, Korean beauty leaves no stone unturned. Rooted in traditional remedies, K-beauty has always been a trusted pioneer when it comes to their ingredients. You’ve probably heard of fermented white rice water being used in hair cleansers and skin toners, but have you come across black rice? Well, this go-to K-beauty ingredient might be lurking in the shadows, but it is probably one of the most powerful ingredients one can incorporate in their skincare routines. So what makes this one so special and different? Here’s everything you need to know about black rice and why it’s skincare’s latest big thing!

The Wonders Of Black Rice

Black rice dates back centuries to ancient China–back then it was known as the forbidden rice, as it was only consumed by royalty. Rich in 18 amino acids, vitamins such as copper, iron, zinc, and carotene, minerals, and antioxidants, this superfood doesn't just boost the immune system, but also does wonders for your skin. As a matter of fact, fermented black rice has a 30 times higher antioxidant effect than normal white rice? The black colour present in the rice is actually rich in anthocyanins, a nutrient that hosts antioxidants and anti-inflammatories, and is also said to be a natural sun protectant. The ingredient is said to penetrate deep into the skin and help protect it from damage.

Why Is It The ‘It’ Thing In Skincare

#1 - Anti-Aging Properties 

Thanks to its potency in antioxidants and amino acids, black rice helps repair and protect the skin from free radical damage. Free radical damage is one of the biggest triggers for premature skin aging–it is often the reason behind fine lines, wrinkles, and even hyperpigmentation. The amino acids and antioxidants aid in reversing the signs and also prevent the skin from any further damage that’ll cause premature aging.

#2 - Exfoliates The Skin

Black rice contains gentle micro exfoliants that penetrate deep into the skin and cleanse out your pores. Its exfoliating properties help remove toxins, dead skin cells, and other impurities, and also aid in stimulating skin cell renewal.

#3 - Hydrates & Strengthens The Skin’s Barrier

The high mineral content present in black rice helps restore your damaged skin barrier and also aids in strengthening it.

#4 - Brightens & Tones The Complexion

The exfoliating properties not only takes away impurities, but also leaves skin looking brighter and more even toned. The amino acids and antioxidants remove dullness and fade away hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, revealing a healthier complexion.

Why Haruharu Wonder?

Meet the Haruharu Wonder range that comprises this powerful and effective ingredient! With more than 95% nature-derived ingredients, Haruharu Wonder uses 100% Korean grown black rice and energy of fermentation.

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