#ThirstTrap: 3 Must-Have Hydration Boosters For Healthy, Happy Skin
Jan 20, 2023

What’s the key to healthy skin? Hydration. Hydration. Hydration. We’ve heard it time and again––60 percent of your body is made up of water, so replenishing it is imperative. Similarly, your skin also requires a whole lot of water to retain its health. Both internal and external hydration is the one-stop-solution to a whole lot of skincare woes, including acne, dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, and so much more. Why so? Let’s break it down for you. 

Think of the skin as a plant––if it doesn’t receive enough water, it tends to wilt, dry out, and eventually the leaves start to fall off. Similarly, when your skin doesn’t receive the right amount of hydration, it dries out and tends to get rough.

While drinking the right amount of water is definitely an important part in nourishing your skin, using the right kind of products topically also helps boost hydration. Products like cleansers, moisturisers, face serums, basically rehydrate the layers of your skin, lock-in moisture, and replenish lost oils, leaving your skin feeling smooth, soft, and supple. They contain ingredients that help draw moisture from the environment and lock it into your skin. The best part? Hydration booster are friendly to every skin type out there and pretty much anyone can benefit from it.

The Benefits Of Including Hydrating Products In Your Routine

#1 - Flushes Out Toxins

Your skin is made up of three layers––you have the outer layer known as the epidermis, the middle layer known as the dermis, and bottom layer known as subcutaneous tissue. When the first layer is moisturised well, it has the ability to flush away toxins and also transport essential nutrients to the rest of the layers and into your skin cells. 

#2 - Strengthens Skin Barrier

A hydrated epidermis is equivalent to a strong skin barrier, which means external irritants, germs, and pollutants cannot break through and damage it. Lack of moisture often compromises the lipid barrier, resulting in irritation, redness, sensitivity, which is best prevented if the skin is thoroughly hydrated.

#3 - Keeps Dryness At Bay

Dry skin is often a sign of dehydration, where the skin isn’t receiving enough moisture and oils to keep it soft and supple. When the skin is dry, it is more susceptible to roughness, and eventually develops all the premature signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. By hydrating you instantly breathe life back into the skin––since moisture helps boost elastin levels, the skin automatically starts to appear more taut, resulting in a smoother texture.

3 Products To Include In Your Hydrating Skincare Routine

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